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In 1999, John F. Kennedy Jr.’s plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, killing him, his wife, and his wife’s sister. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) labeled his crash as likely being due to “spatial disorientation.”

When pilots are flying into low visibility situations it’s not uncommon for them to become disoriented, often times mistaking clouds for the horizon. Their body may adjust physically to what they see, rather than to what is true, resulting in confusion.

There is a solution, however, that can save pilots and their passengers from these sort of tragedies. The solution is understanding and trusting the instrument panel.

Some pilots may have instrument training, yet when they become disoriented, they may choose to trust their instincts rather than their instrument panel.

For the Christian leader, God’s Word is our instrument panel. The Bible has been time tested and has proven to be trustworthy, but many leaders are relying on what they see and hear from the world, while ignoring their instrument panel. Sometimes their dismissal of God’s Word is due to a lack of understanding, while other times it may be due to a lack of trust.

Either way, if they continue to lead according to their instincts, they are likely headed for a moral crash.

Proverbs 14:12 teaches, “There is a way which seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death.”

The world tells us to do or say whatever it takes to make a sale. The world also tells us that profit is the only purpose of business and that using people and discarding them for the sake of enhanced profits is acceptable. God’s view of business, however, is much different.

If you desire to be a leader known for your integrity, then you need to understand God’s Word and learn to trust God.
Meditating on and understanding God’s Word changes lives! In his book, Unconventional Business Rick discusses the many practical ways to apply scripture to business. Highlighted is a study conducted where it was found that behaviors improved dramatically for people who read the Bible at least four times a week… 28% decrease in lying and gossip; 59% or more reduction in infidelity and drunkenness. Understanding God’s Word pays dividends!

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About the Author:

Rick Boxx is President and Founder of Integrity Resource Center, a nonprofit dedicated to training and equipping leaders to do business God’s way.

Rick’s daily “Integrity Moments” is aired on 250 radio stations. His business experience includes an extensive background in banking, public accounting and consulting, and he has counseled thousands of businesses. Rick’s passion for God’s Word drives his desire to train leaders to apply Biblical principles to their work life.

Rick is married to Kathy, has three grown children and resides in Overland Park, Kansas.

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